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D. H. Lawrence: Collected Stories.

New York, Everyman`s Library, A. Knopf, 1994. ISBN: 9780679431350

cloth 1397 S. : Good condition.

Artikel-Nr.: 600210

The young STep-Mother; or, a Chronicle of Mistakes by the author of "The Heir of Redclyffe." Vol. 1.

Leipzig, Tauchnitz, 1861.

Half-cloth 298 S., 15x11,5 cm, : Ex.-Libr., Satisfactory condition. Cover worn. With pencil notes.

Artikel-Nr.: 577492

Besant Walter / Rice, James: The Chaplain of the Fleet. A Novel. Vol. 1+2. [2 Vols.] (=Asher´s Collection of English Authors; Vo. 171+172).

Grädener & Richter Hamburg, 1881.

328, 336 S. : Guter Zustand/ Good Ex-Library. Brownish paper. Stamped edges.

Artikel-Nr.: 426912

Burns, Robert:: The Poetical Works of Robert Burns; with Memoir, prefatory Notes, and a complete Marginal Glossary.. Edited by John and Angus MacPherson.

London, Scott, 0.

cloth 597 S. : Good condition. Note of ownership. Brownish edges.

Artikel-Nr.: 553035

Clark, W. Fordyce:: The Shetland Sketch Book.. Folk-Lore Legend Humour Incident.

Edinburgh, Oliver and Boyd, 0.

cloth 190 S.1930 : Ex.-Libr., Good condition. Uncut edges.

Artikel-Nr.: 612171

Croft- Cooke, Rupert:: Picaro. ( = The Albatross Modern Continental Library, 228) .

The Albatross Hamburg, 1934.

Paperback/ broschiert 252 S. : Guter Zustand/ Good Cover shows mild wear.

Artikel-Nr.: 485157

Eliot, George:: Daniel Deronda. In three Vol., Vol. 1 and 2.. Illustrated Cabinet Edition, George Eliot`s Works, Vol. 13 and 14.

New York, Merrill and Baker., 0.

Hardcover 378 / 370 S., 18 cm, : Guter Zustand / good condition. Paper / edges partly soiled.

Artikel-Nr.: 601436

Eliot, George:: Silas Marner: The Ewaver of Reveloe.

Leipzig, Bernhard Sporn, 1861.

Hardcover 297 S., 15 cm, : Guter Zustand / good condition. Bibl.-Ex. / Ex.-library. Flyleaf loosened.

Artikel-Nr.: 578274

Engel, Eduard:: Geschichte der englischen Litteratur von ihren Anfängen bis auf die neueste Zeit.. Mit einem Anhange: Die amerikanische Litteratur.

Leipzig, Friedrich, 1883.

Leinen 669 S. : Guter Zustand.

Artikel-Nr.: 560092

Fyee, Hamilton:: The British Liberal Party. An historical Sketch.

London, George Allen & Unwin Ltd., 1928.

cloth 272 S. : Ex.-Libr., Good condition. Spine faded. Cover shows wear. Slightly shelf-cocked.

Artikel-Nr.: 576779

Gill (Ed.), Roma and Christopher Marlowe:: Plays (Oxford Paperbacks)

Oxford University Press, 1979. ISBN: 9780192810625

Paperback 441 Seiten : Good condition.

Artikel-Nr.: 560652

Gross, Konrad / Klooss, Wolfgang (Ed.): English Literature of the Dominions. Writings on Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Königshausen & Neumann Würzburg, 1981. ISBN: 3884790412

Paperback/ broschiert 109 S. : Guter Zustand/ Good Ex-Library. Stamped edges.

Artikel-Nr.: 410959

Heath, Charles: The Keepsake 1846. With beautiful finished Engravings, from Drawings by the first Artists. Edited by The Countess of Blessington.

Longman London-New York, 1846.

Hardcover/ Pappband 278 S. : Cover damaged. Paper soiled. Yearbook of english Literature from 1828-1857. Befriedigender Zustand/ satisfyingly Ex-Library. Inner book separated from cover. With b/w photos.

Artikel-Nr.: 490186

Hewett, Jerry :: The Work of Jack Vance. An Annotated Bibliography & Guide. (=Bibliographies of modern Authors, No. 29).

The Borgo Press San Bernadino/California, 1994. ISBN: 0887331661

Hardcover/ Pappband 293 S. : Copy 8 of 250 numbered copies, signed by the contributors: Jack Vance, Jerry Hewett, Daryl F. Mallett, Robert Silverberg. Cover and slipcase very slightly stained. With slipcase. Sehr guter Zustand/ very good

Artikel-Nr.: 444283

Holmes Pearson, Norman (Ed.):: The complete Novels and Selected Tales of Nathaniel Hawthorne.

New York, The Modern Library, 1965.

Hardcover with dustjacket 1223 S. : Good condition.

Artikel-Nr.: 600251

Joyce, James:: Ulysses.

London, The Bodley Head Ltd, 1960. ISBN: 9780370002453

Hardcover with dust jacket. 933 S., : Guter Zustand / good condition.

Artikel-Nr.: 600118

Lawrence, D. H.:: Three Complete Novels: Lady Chatterley`s Lover. The Rainbow. Sons and Lovers.

New York, Barnes & Noble, 1993. ISBN: 9781566191029

Half-cloth with dustjacket 1115 S. : Good condition.

Artikel-Nr.: 600234

Melville, Herman:: Billy Budd and Benito Cereno.. With an Introduction by Maxwell Geismar and paintings by Robert Shore.

New York, The Heritage Press, 1965.

cloth 176 S., Ill.; 27,5 cm, with slipcase. : Good condition.

Artikel-Nr.: 600025

Meredith, George: The Egoist. A Comedy in Narrative.

Foreign Languages Publishing House Moscow, 1962.

Cloth 669 S. : Einleitung in russisch. / Introduction in Russian. Guter Zustand/ Good Ex-Library. Hinges damaged. Brownish paper.

Artikel-Nr.: 481882

Miller, Henry:: Remember to Remember.. (=The Air-conditioned Nightmare; Vol. 2).

New York, New Directions Books, 1947.

Paperback 427 S., Ill. : Ex.-Libr., Good condition.

Artikel-Nr.: 620846

Murray, Charles:: Hamewith: Complete Poems of Charles Murray.

Aberdeen University Press, 1979. ISBN: 9780080245225

cloth with dustjacket 161 S. : Good condition. Note of ownership.

Artikel-Nr.: 585058

Pakeh, Shailesh:: Gandhi Vs Tagore.. Concept, Compilation and Script.

0. ISBN: 9788175224995

Paperback 122 S., Ill. : Ex.-Libr., Good condition.

Artikel-Nr.: 592917

Salah, Tahani: Marrow of the Sahara.


Paperback/ broschiert ca.25 S. : Sehr guter Zustand/ very good No place nor date.

Artikel-Nr.: 480306

Sambuk, Rostislav: The Jeweler from Capuchins Street. An Adventure Story.

Dnipro Kiev, 1982.

Paperback/ broschiert 247 S. : Guter Zustand/ Good Brownish paper. Cover shows mild wear.

Artikel-Nr.: 456587

The Huth Library:: The Life and complete Works in Prose and Verse of Robert Greene. In 15 Vols. (complete). [15 Vols.].. Vol. 1: Storojenko`s Life of Robert Greene. Vol. 2: Prose. Mamillia: Parts I and II. and Anatomie of Flatterie 1583-1593. Vol. 3: Prose. The Myrrour of M

New York, Russel & Russel, 1964.

cloth 262, 348, 282, 355, 320, 316, 266, 266, 389, 321, 344, 311, 415, 317, 244 S. : Ex.-Libr., Good condition. Uncut edges. Spine faded. Vol. 1 cover faded and soiled. Vol. 9 slightly bumped corners.

Artikel-Nr.: 616804


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